Poker Breakdown: Should He Turn Bottom Pair Into a Bluff Heads Up for the Title?



Its heads up for the Battle of Malta, and one player doesn't feel his showdown value is good enough to win, but should he bluff? Grant and Jonathan break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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If Steven bets the turn, what is he expecting to get called by? The case 10? Would a 6 or a straight draw call? I think it's a good check, especially if he's C-betting the flop 100% of the time. If Sergei doesn't have showdown value, he's going to pounce on a turn check and bet his floats and his straight draws most of the time. He might even bet a Queen that floated the flop for value. It's mostly just a 4 or a 6 that would check back the turn. How many floats and draws would be checking back the turn? This plays into the decision by both players on the river as well - what is Sergei representing when he checks back the turn and then raises the river? If he's checking back the turn, it looks like he has showdown value. I suppose he could be checking back the turn with a float planning to bluff the river. But what value is he representing by raising on the river? I don't think Sergei's story makes much sense. I agree with both of you - the story doesn't add up.

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