Poker Breakdown: Kristen Bicknell Goes For the Bracelet



Bicknell headlined the WSOP $2,500 6-max event, and this hand was one of her most interesting. The Guys break down some really interesting choices made by both Bicknell and her oponent. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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Kristen's SPR was a bit awkward to bet turn. I think she knows she's getting shoved on too often if she bets turn after being called on the flop.

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I think Kristens turn check is stack preservation move and makes some sense to me. 1. When this guy limp calls preflop and then calls the turn what are we putting him on? I would think he has a jack, j10, j9 maybe a six. He doesn’t have all jacks because he might check shove some, but I think he 100% has all diamond suited jacks so he has some flushes. Q6 isn’t the bottom of his range (he has other sixes) but it’s pretty low, so judging this play based off his holdings is results oriented. 2. Occasionally he has a monster. A lot of players (me a couple of times until I realized it was not usually good) actually have AA, and JJ here because we are trying be sneaky and induce bluffs. I’m not saying he often has this, but his line is so weird at this stack depth that he can have it enough for the shove to not be worth it because: 3. Kristen is the best player at this table, and Kristen with 12 blinds is terrifying. She has clear fold equity when she makes a play at 12 blinds; as we see she gets a fold on the river because she has enough room to maneuver.

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The turncheck seems pretty good to me, she's not always betting an ace on the flop, and the opponent will have some Ax for sure calling flop. Since it's such an obvious bluffcard by checking she's repping some Jx, QQ-KK, some Ax that are potcontrolling this turn and don't want to go for 3 streets of value, as well as some slowplayed flushes to balance. On the river she can still credibly rep value when checked to and it's pretty unlikely the opponent will thinly valuebet a J into the range she's repping with the turncheck.

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