Poker Breakdown: Is this Play by Ludo Geilich Defensible?



Deep in an EPT main event, Ludovic Geilich decides it's time to start playing and trying to win every hand. Here he tries to take bottom pair and turn it into gold. is it a good play? The Poker Guys break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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You guys make great content for poker. The hand breakdowns help every player at every level. I’m surprised your channel doesn’t have a bigger following! Have y’all ever thought about using other platforms or new types of videos for branding? I know neeme and Owen have made the vlog Avenue have high barriers of entry. Ever thought about streaming online tourneys? You both have great technical insight and I’m sure your audience would love to hear live hand analysis!

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How often should Etayo be betting on the turn after Geilich checks it over to him? If he's betting almost every time he's checked to, then he should be betting a 9 for value. If he's checking back a lot of turns, then he should be checking back the 9. When you have position against an extremely aggressive player like Geilich, how do you handle it when you call a bet on the flop and he checks the turn? Are you supposed to pounce on it and bet all of your floats that didn't improve? Or should you be checking back some of your floats on the turn? If you're betting such a large number of your floats that didn't improve, I think it's fine to call with every single one of your value hands, which includes a 9. But also, how many floats should he have here that called the flop bet? I think that the preflop play was obviously stupid by Geilich, and completely normal by Etayo. I think the flop play was pretty reasonable from both players (Geilich's bet is reasonable only because he is a maniac and people have to call him with floats). I think the river play made complete sense from both players, it's a clear bet from Geilich, and it's a clear fold for Etayo because it was such a scary river card. But the turn play is where I really don't know what to think about any of the decisions.

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Check turn call river, win.

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