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Poker Breakdown: Is This Mediocre Hand for Bicknell a Call Against Foxen's Overbet?



Poker power couple Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell play an interesting blind vs. blind hand early in a $25k tournament. The Poker Guys break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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What size was the big blind? This flop hits the oop so hard I think bicknell is raising super wide here to punish the cbet and is reevaluating on the turn. For that reason I don’t think she doing this specifically because she knows how he plays but because she sees a high cbet % on a board that hits her so hard. The raise is small also which I think supports this idea. I think the raise to see cheap cards is true but not in the modern language of range advantage. The problem she has on the turn is there is not many hands that want to check to protect her checking range. Sets, the straight, 2 pair...they all look vulnerable so she’s absolutely capped. I don’t like Alex’s cbet but as played he can absolutely bomb the river knowing she is capped and I think she has to call.

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I just don't think there's enough bluffs when he takes this line - it has to really be over cards bluffing to take this line and I doubts he's bluffing with overs enough. Obviously she probably knows his game better than anyone, but for me its a reluctant fold.

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Deuce on the river... does change something?

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