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Poker Breakdown: Is This Maria Ho Play Hopeless Against Ike Haxton?



Heads up for the Shark Cage, Maria makes an ambitious play against Ike. Did she go too far? The Poker Guys break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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The turn check-raise isn't horrible, she can probably fold out a lot of his air and win the pot a decent amount of the time. But when he calls the check-raise on the turn, I think she has to give up unless the river is a club bringing in the flush, or a 10 giving her a straight. Shoving the river on a non-club is probably not going to fold out any of his hands given how many chips he's already put into the pot.

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lol, Maria trying to bluff Ike

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She's cute but awful at Poker...

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