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Poker Breakdown: Is This Hand Good Enough to Withstand This Massive Shove?



Two accomplished players face off late in an EPT. Is this aggressive move good? Should the guy with the bluff catcher call? The Poker Guys break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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Flop call is standard by IP player, turn check by BB suggests he is drawing and has partly installed his opponent to be suspicious of a turn raise again (thus potentially giving him a free card) so if he spikes any 7, 4, or club he can rep the up and straight or flush on the river, All 2pairs continue with a further turn bet in the BB shoes along with all sets also. So the check suggests equity realisation, it's the line up and down would take without over bluffing too much. So the IP player should have bet turn to deny the BB equity, and got value from any drawing hands that may wish to call (thus making the IP player size it corrctly) but the flop raise some what managed to cripple logic in IPs mind and ultimately fear trumped logic on the turn. Queens a card IP can easily rep.

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23 37 of clubs 78 of clubs or diamonds(backdoor flush and occasionally 55s or 66s) for value if he is balanced he would surely overbet with all this Holdings...KJ is very close because we are very caped... No way our hero has over pairs sets or two pairs.. These holdings would bet themselves on the turn for value and protection(no free card)... So we are an easy target to get bluffed on the river... I don't know if there were payjumps but calling or folding OK as options especially if we know our opponent...

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