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Poker Breakdown: Is This an Auto Call with the Nut Flush?



Two of the craziest and most popular players on Live at the Bike collide. Garrett has a huge hand. But Andy is repping an even bigger one. This pot gets BIG. Join us as we break down the hand in excruciating detail. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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I think whenever Garrett has the Jd or Jc with his As he must call. Whenever he has one of those jacks he blocks J9s so that there’s only one combo left in the deck. This is basically the best Nut flush combo he can call with and he folds it.

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Love it, keep doing the podcasts as a YouTube video. As a viewer - only positives no drawbacks. Is helpful cos you’ve put the hands up etc, so if you lose concentration for a couple of minutes it’s much easier to catch up with

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After watching the whole stream and Andy being down nearly 400k at this point, Garrett had to have thought there’s no way Andy’s bluffing 100k off after being stuck so much already. Plus a lot of hands that beat him here. Andy isn’t only shoving J9 full houses, he’s def shoving lesser boats

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