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Poker Breakdown: How Should Sam Greenwood Deal with this Online SUPERSTAR?



Sam Greenwood has been tearing up the high roller circuit. But now he's up against the newest end boss, LinusLove. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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I’m wondering two things about this hand. 1. Is jack eight a little too thin? When Linus takes this line does Linus have hands like q8 and k8 that he is not folding, and does he ever call with 3s or 2s? I’m not sure. I get raising a blocker bet but I think Linus might be too good to have hands that lose to jack eight and are still calling. 2. Does Linus need to raise this much? I know Sam tanks with jack eight but I wonder if Linus gets less folds or similar amounts of folds if he raises to 36, both look small but 48 risks more chips.

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Sam is thinking more about 3x and 2x, plus random 78 stabs he bluffed on turn. Linus is not betting K8 on turn it doesn't do anything. The reason Sam played the J8 slow on flop, is to dominate some weak J and 8x in Linus wide BB range. The problem with raising is you would have bet a 9 on flop as well as 88 most of the time, so you are capped. One of the 9x you would check back on flop is 96 case board runs out 99236 you can cold deck as his 45 straights.

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I see no great reason for Sam's raising Linus' thin-value River bet. As you guys like to say, "What hands is he trying to fold-out?" An 8 with a higher kicker?! Pocket 10s?! It was unnecessary aggression. Linus' re-raise, however, is Genius or Desperation...either way, it worked!

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