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Poker Breakdown: Did Jungleman Get In Too Deep in this Super High Stakes Game?



Jungleman is faced with a decision in a super high stakes game - should he bluff with air? Grant and Jonathan break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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I think Jungleman's check/call is so that he will have bluffs in his range when the action goes as it did. His hand has the most potential to improve to a hand that beats Ax; Maximum BD possibilities. When I gave this hand to PIO, it preferred to check call the Broadway versions like KQ,KJ with BDFD, so that it could improve to beat medium pocket pairs. You do need some hands with no showdown value now in order to get paid by one pair hands in Villain's range on river. Cool hand!

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I think it's simpler than you are allowing. Tan checks knowing he's only getting value from a couple of A high hands. Jungle can definitely have a 7 and be looking to check shove. He can also have a weak A that realizes it is only chopping against other weak Aces and beat by anything that likely bets. The true caveat however is Jungleman, he's pretty aware of where Tan is in the hand. If he has a 7 it might seem on first look to be an almost mandatory river bet after the check. But if you really believe Tan has an A you would assume he will go for some value on the river so you might elect to let him bet or bluff. However if Jungle has nothing or just an A, even AK or AQ as Tan you could allow him to bet the river. Your other option is that Jungle checks and you choose between inducing or over betting neither of which is that appealing. You either miss value or find out you are facing trips. So Tan checking the turn gives him the opportunity to see the river, he might improve, no flush or straight cards are much safer. And he gives Jungle the opportunity to bluff. If you allow that Jungle will sometimes check a 7 on the river and in fact believe that is the more likely line he would take aftee checking the turn, the river bet looks far more like a bluff than a value bet. The few hands Tan has that are not an A include JJ as well so even when Jungle has 8 7 he might think about folding ( not). Jungles line looks like a 7 or a bluff, he has some 7s but not that many considering the range he would be playing with 7s. Why would he check call flop and check the turn with a 7 but then lead the river? It's a trappy line that suddenly changes. And Tan doesn't give a f'k about the money, he would rather lose it all than let Jungleman bluff him. By the river calling 150 seems little different than shoving since it's a reload if you lose either way. And who knows you might just fold out a chop or a 7. The river shove makes no sense unless you allow ...someone just loves action, likes big pots and really wants to feel it when they lose.

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