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Poker Breakdown: Are These Blockers Good Enough to Shove with?



There's only six players left in the 25k buy-in Partypoker Millions UK Super High roller, and Daniel Dvoress decides to make a play at Orpen Kisacikoglu. Will it work? The Poker Guys break it down. Click here to get How Can He Fold? Incredible Poker Hands Broken Down Decision By Decision:
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I didn't like the bluff either, he can't rep JJ, maybe 99 but that 3bets a solid % of the time pre anyway. But blocking 99 and JJ actually make me want to call J9 most of the time since Orpen will have those hands in his range and you won't almost ever. You also block JT, so Orpen's range is heavily waited towards straights or air. So I like a call for sure.

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I completely agree with the solver on Orpen's turn play. Most of Dvoress' range at this point consists of non-premium showdownable hands. I don't think we can expect Dvoress to bet here when checked to very often at all. There are also a bunch of hands with plenty of equity to continue, so Orpen can certainly get value from a ton of Dvoress's range as well as charge him for the naked draws 65c. Bet here, all day.

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