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If two players turn up their cards at showdown, you should be able to quickly tell who has the winning poker hand. This is a skill that should get developed right after you learn the ranking of hands - but some newer players can still get confused from time to time. So start by crushing the free quiz: https://www.splitsuit.com/winning-poker-hand-quiz
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After receiving many questions along the lines of "Player A has this hand, Player B has this hand, who wins on this board?" I decided to make a quiz. This 10 question quiz is super simple, should take you less than 2 minutes, and should be an easy 100%. But if you get stuck at any point, this video will walk you through each question and explain who should be awarded the pot (and of course, why).


This is the most basic quiz I've ever created, and likely the most beginner video I've ever made. If you already know all of this, nice job! If you didn't, just make sure to focus on the best 5-card #pokerhand each player can make using their own hole cards + the community cards. That alone will solve most confusion 😃

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How do people get these wrong lol.

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Now do this with PLO hands and watch all those new players go nuts.

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Now this is a split suit quiz that I can get 100 on, lol. I gotta say though, explaining to a holder of 3-pair that they aren't the winner can be tough sometimes.

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