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Which Poker Book? Applications vs. Poker's 1% | SplitSuit



Which poker book should I read next between "Poker's 1%" and "Applications of NLHE"? That's the question in this video, and SplitSuit breaks it down to help you decide for yourself. Keep in mind that both books are solid, and both take a very frequency-first look at poker strategy. However, if you are newer to this concept, you should likely lean more toward Poker's 1% by Ed Miller. But if you've spent time with solvers, have a basic framework for understanding frequencies, and have done.......
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...... some work with constructing frequency-based ranges - you are likely ready to jump up to "Applications of NLHE" by Janda.

And if you are a fan of video/audio more than reading another poker book, SplitSuit's complete course 'The One Percent' brings Miller's book to life. Plus you get homework, answer keys, cheat sheets, and additional commentary to fill in many knowledge gaps. You don't have to have read Poker's 1% to get the most from this course, but if you did read it a while ago, this course will be a welcomed refresher with added insights to help you retain and apply the material sooner than later.

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i read the applications, and found it had a lot of formulas and range oriented and that not useful for a simple minded person like me. I'm more of a feel guy with a little math kind of guy. i will try the poker 1%

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I read Mathematics and poker, applications and his second book, as well as MpT and I went from losing at 50NL to beating 200NL online on GG and party over a 200k hand sample, (as well as the old upswing Educa cash course), anyone that says books. Are outdated is being silly

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Useful recommendations James. Thanks for adding the mathematics books too.

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