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What's GTO With 77? Real Answers vs. The Solver | SplitSuit Poker



Hands like 77 can be super tricky to play, but what does a GTO poker solver say to do with 77 on T32? Let's breakdown the GTO solver setup, its output, and understand how the solver and actual answers players gave differ. This video reviews the recent 77 hand quiz where SplitSuit played a live $1/$3 hand against a student. Hero (the student) puts themselves in a small SPR pot with position and has to navigate facing bets and checks with one (and then two) overcards on board.
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Honestly, I find the solver analysis pretty questionable. The range you assign to yourself is waay too tight. Every RCP member and every one of your students knows that you raise wider in that spot. In fact, you raised with a hand you didn't put in your preflop raising range (K5s) making the whole thing even more questionable. IMO, the solver analysis is a case of "pschidt in - pschidt out".

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I admit I've never really studied full ring ranges as I focus on 6-max zoom 99% of the time, but I find the assigned ranges quite atypical. From your perspective, I don't know if I could feel confident to assume that hero won't ever have suited connectors or suited broadways. Then the more Tx hands hero has, the more he should fold low pocket pairs as it becomes the bottom of his range.

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Awful preflop ranges completely destroying the analysis

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