What Does A LAG Open With? | Preflop Strategy & Range Quiz Part 6



Building the correct range when a player calls your 3bet is a HUGE skill that leads to easier profit: https://www.splitsuit.com/the-power-of-hand-reading-in-3-bet-pots Part 6 of this 10-part series explores the range a player open-raises with AND what you should do with AJs. If you have not taken the quiz yet, start here: https://www.splitsuit.com/preflop-range-quiz/ This video deals with two questions: 1. What range does a LAG open-raise with from MP1? 2. What goes into 3betting vs. flatting
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SplitSuit jumps right into range building and compares the average range (~25% of hands) that players assigned, to his own range (which is actually a pinch tighter). After discussing variables that go into this (primarily position and where the density of a LAG's opening-range comes from), Split lays out the pros and cons for flatting and 3betting AJ. As always, keeping your eye on the ENTIRE context of a hand (especially the location of fish) will guide your decision making in a big way. Make sure you have this concept down pat!



The 5-parts of a poker range

What did they open-raise with?

Creating a +EV preflop plan

Practice hand reading with a poker workbook for the games you play

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These are good discussions, but I would also flip the concept 180-degrees, which is to say you will confound opponents by mixing in 3-bets and 4-bets (preferably in later position) holding VERY irregular combinations (think J-5, 9-4, 10-3).


To people trained in "hand reading" strategy, they will immediately put you on one of those "20%" holdings (pocket pairs, Broadway-suited). Your advantage in these cases is when you "hit", it will never be apparent. In such cases you can underbet the continuation wager, thereby trapping opponents...especially those who continue with overcards to the Board that "hit" on the Turn (A, K).


I'm not dissing hand-reading, but want to emphasize that sharp players know when developing players are over-relying on hand-reading. Your #1 job is to employ a mixed strategy that makes opponents unable to "range" your holdings.

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You will rarely hit with these hands and when you do they will be marginal to weak holdings. Why not just 3-bet SCs or SOGs that have some playability postflop and can make extremely strong hands? This strategy would be better suited for something like HU, but even then it's marginal and not the best strategy

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Plus, if you 3 bet what do you do if you get 4 bet by MP1 which is possible

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