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What Are Fish RAISING With? | Preflop Strategy & Range Quiz Part 9



Are you folding too often? Understand the pros & cons of folding in poker: Part 9 of this 10-part series dissects open-raising ranges, what to do with a suited connector, and how to think about your preflop options. If you have not taken the quiz yet, start here: This video deals with two questions: 1. What did an aggro-fish open from EP? 2. What should we do with 43s?
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SplitSuit begins by looking at the average range players put the A-fish on when opening from an 80bb stack in EP. Not shocking, this range is quite wide, although there isn't a ton of confidence in the answers (at least when compared to the EP open-raising ranges of a nit and a TAG from parts 8 and 1 of this series respectively). After refining this range, especially with modifications to the cusps, Split shares the range he would assign here WITHOUT EXACT INFO. Keep in mind, that if you've seen a player open here with Q9o or A2s, that will massively skew the range you assign. Once the range is dialed in, a discussion of whether to fold, call, or 3bet with a baby suited connector ensues.




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Maybe the answers are so spread out, because its not really well defined, what an aggro fish is. There is a certain span of PFR percentages, which are considered to be possible to play with long term sustainable profit, and these cover NIT, TAG and LAG. Anything above that could be considered aggro fish, but one aggro fish might have a FPR or 25% for full ring and another a much more insane 58%. Online you certainly see the whole span.

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I agree. But IMO if someone isn't opening with any A in their hand then their not an aggro fish.

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Exactly what i was thinking. The site i play on "Aggrofish" essentially is someone who plays anything "that looks good" from any position, all suited connectors, all pairs, all aces. And then there's maybe 10 % that are even worse and play all suited cards and unsuited connectors (Yes really) fun players that just click around about hoping to hit a flush or a straight.

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