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Turning TT Into A BLUFF | SplitSuit



This spot boils down to hand reading. Join my free hand reading email course and improve your skillset today: OK, here is the info: "I had been sitting at the table with this player for about 4 hours. I found it very easy to pin him to ranges, as he was extremely tight and nitty.......
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I am a pretty LAG player, and opened almost all of my buttons. However, I was still convinced the nit would only 3bet me with JJ+/AQ+ and never any suited connectors etc. Since I opened my buttons so wide, and only called his 3bet, I figured the flop nailed my range much more than the nit's.


The nit tanked before calling the turn bet.


Given all of this, respondents said what they would do on the river here - either checking behind, betting $100, or simply shoving. SplitSuit reviews the answers, shares his own line, and explains why deviating from GTO might make a ton of sense here.



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Thank you for another great break down lesson! This is really going to be helpful in the future.

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Love the videos James, they’ve completely transformed how I go over my hands, and I now spend some really fruitful time ‘in the lab’ with clear methods for breaking down my play. You have a brilliant genial style, and a really clear approach to problem solving, so it’s wonderful that you put out so much content for free on top of your purchase-ables. Thanks dude!

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I like a $25 bet on the flop, and then check to showdown

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