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TURBO Poker Tournaments 101 | SplitSuit Strategy



What's the best strategy when it comes to playing turbo poker tournaments? What are the key factors that separate the winners & losers? What is the ONE SKILL that can instantly give you an edge in these kinds of events? SplitSuit dives into these answers in this 101-level look at turbo structures. First, are these events even worth playing - especially if you have to drive to play them in a local card room? Second, if you do choose to play them, see why an in-depth knowledge.......
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....... of push/fold ranges is crucial for success.

Test your push/fold skills today with this free poker quiz (and get the answers too!):


Remember, turbos are really just math problems given the smaller stack sizes and insane pressure from the rising your edges will largely come from playing early streets (primarily preflop) better than your opponents. Spend some time working on your preflop game if you plan on firing lots of these events, and good luck winning your flips!

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Stop playing these games. The vig is too high. Take the $65 and treat your significant other to a movie and a hot dog, you will be far happier in the long run.

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In my experience, Hyper tournaments are a game of Bingo. Turbo's are a bit better but not by much.

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Great info in these short vids! Thanks for the content. Been using that snap shove app for about a month and Its super helpful.

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