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The Poker Basics Of Bluffing Like A Pro | SplitSuit Strategy



One of the most crucial poker basics a player can have is the ability to bluff. Bluffing allows you to pick up pots with weak cards, apply pressure to players who fold too much, and become tougher to read overall. Sure, any 'ol goofball can win a pot with a kamikaze bluff that happens to work ONCE...but we want a system for finding profitable bluffs in every session and against a wide array of player types. In order to find & run more bluffs, you need to first understand the basics of bluffing.
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So SplitSuit breaks down the 4 key principles of bluffing to help you spot opportunities and have the confidence that your play will net you money in the long run. And if used properly, you can use these same concepts to get rid of any bluffing tendencies that are actually costing you chips at the end of the day! Basically, with a little bit of math (including 3 numbers you can memorize today) and some off-table practice, you'll have a stronger foundation for finding +EV spots in real-time. And don't worry if things feel a bit overwhelming at first...that feeling subsides as your hand reading skills improve and your ability to eyeball the math at the table increases. *DO YOU WANT A BOOK ABOUT BLUFFING?* Would you read a poker book all about bluffing that included heaps of examples? If yes, show your interest by signing up here:


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You can do bluffs if you continue Cbet till you make it. Bluff only works on tight situation or the game is getting aggressive but in the end bluff in a wrong position most probably you will lose a lot and your game going tilt in a long run. The best bluff for me is understand how your opponents play he's card from 2pairs to set to open ended draw or flush draw and for top fair once you understand each player way of playing then you can make your own different types of bluff for different player play.the key here is patience and timing.

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Thank you for draining your brain in those videos but do you ackowledge that the group of ppl you addressing to are mostly micro and low stakes players? So this bluffs can only blow our bankrolls in time unless we find ourselfs in super weak tables.

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But wouldnt there be a higher chance of bb having good cards, since everyone else folded, and her didnt? Please answer someone

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