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The Math Behind RIVER BLUFFS | SplitSuit



(Re)build your poker strategy from the ground up with CORE from Red Chip Poker:​ When it comes to bluffing, there is basic underlying poker math that helps you know if a spot if good, great, or setting chips on fire. Jane asked a great question about river bluffing and why a specific bluff is breakeven - and SplitSuit breaks it down with a simple answer........
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.......... Answering this question requires two basic concepts: the breakeven percentage and the basic EV formula. These concepts help us see why a 1/2-pot bet that results in villain folding exactly 1/3 of the time nets out to a 0EV bluff. At first glance, this math may seem scary, but if you practice with this for just 15 minutes per day for 2 weeks - these things will start to become second-nature. Keep in mind that CORE has lessons on all of these concepts including the breakeven percentage, EV (both basic AND advanced applications), and bluffing as a whole. If you are serious about playing better poker and learning more efficiently - you can't go wrong with CORE. Dive into the first lesson today and enjoy!

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Thanks James! This is the first explanation that actually makes sense to me =D

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the true difficulty lies within determining the folding frequency of your opponent , this is easier to do off table with software but we will always be estimating and nothing will ever be certain, I love this game

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You are a great coach I learnt a lot iam still learning a lot thank you so very much

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