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Should You Run It Twice In Poker? Or Just Once? | SplitSuit



Have you heard about running it twice in poker, but aren't 100% sure what that means? Or maybe you know about running it twice vs. once, but aren't sure which you should do? Find out the pros and cons of running it multiple times to see which option works best. In this video, SplitSuit expands upon chapter 7 from his book Unfolding Poker to take a complete look at running it twice. *BUY THE COMPLETE BOOK HERE*
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When you chop if it was heads up all the way like blinds vs blinds that ends with a split pot, you end up losing the rake and getting back less money than when you started. That sucks. So I usually have been running it three times or once but recently I've been running it once only.

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I don’t understand how this doesn’t benefit the dog in almost all circumstances. You have a 40% chance to win, but the chance you lose both is much less, 36% without factoring in cards on the board for the second run. That gives you a much better chance to leave the hand without losing. Maybe a more extreme example will help. You have 1 out, the ace of spades. You would want to run it as many times as possible right? This is simple probability, or am I missing something?

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I personally never run it twice! If a player knows you will run it twice then they will be more enticed to push a drawing hand or run a bluff against you. If they know you only run it once then they are less like to shove on you with a draw, just my thoughts. Heck, its hard enough to beat them once much less twice and if I did run it more than once it would probably be 3 times, Lol.

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