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Should I Get Sticky With Second Pair? | SplitSuit



Atte calls a preflop raise with KTo, faces a squeeze, and calls closing action. On the flop, Atte check-calls with second pair and has to make a river decision getting 3:1 unimproved. Concepts include calling vs 3betting preflop, calling the squeeze closing action, calling the flop getting a decent price, and if the river fold is any good getting 3:1. The more often you call preflop raises, the more valuable this video will be for your game!
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Your analysis here is way off. Most pros would check at least one street with just an over pair to the board. You don't ever want to be building a big pot with just a pair especially in a cash game.

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With an overpair in position I absolutely want to be building a big pot. And the open-ender that QQ picks up on the turn, or the gutshot for KK, makes me all the more confident in betting the turn. If you're checking back the turn with an overpair you're making a big mistake.

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Maybe a bricked AK/AQ flush draw turned into a river bluff after checking back turn for free river? I also have trouble calling in these spots though, especially live 1/2 and 2/5 where it seems like people have so few big river bluffs in their range.

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