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Rebuying & Topping Off In LIVE CASH GAMES | SplitSuit



Live cash games don't come with auto-reload options or simple ways to top up to the max buy-in. But with a couple of pockets and some simple planning, you can ensure you never drop too far below the max buy at your tables! SplitSuit answers a question from Truthsmiles who left a YT comment a while back about etiquette when it comes to topping off and reloading in live games. Since live cash games are already so slow (topping out at around 30 hands/hr), your goal should be to keep the game.....
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.....flowing and the minimize the downtime of asking a dealer to turn cash into chips whenever possible. By buying multiple buy-ins initially (typically by going directly to the cage), and keeping bigger denomination chips in your pocket, you'll have the ability to top up if need be. And if you drop a buy-in, you can throw a fresh buy-in in chips on the table - which keeps the game moving and avoids needing the dealer to count down more $20 or $100 bills to convert them into chips. If you end up using this system, be sure to leave a comment to let us know how it worked for you. Did you like having chips like that in your pocket? Did you feel uncomfortable adding an extra chip whenever necessary? Did you notice the game moving along any quicker? *LEARN MORE ABOUT PRO FROM RED CHIP* Sign up for the best poker training site for live players with videos from coaches who play the same games you do! Upgrade to a PRO Membership today and see how a fistful of red chips can return heaps of bigger denomination chips:

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Along with fixing leaks in one's game comes fixing holes in one's pockets.

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I sense there may be a need to explain why you would wish to Top-Off. While I'm not a fan of the player who Tops-Off every time they drop 10% below Max-Buy, playing with a 30%-40% stack is sub-optimal....yet I see 2 or 3 players at every table holding out with 25 BB's waiting on AA, KK or AK.

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Are you supposed to announce to the table if you’re topping off?

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