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Pick up your copy of Unfolding Poker: (& use the code YOUTUBE to save $10 off any edition via my store) Francisco asks a great question about playing in fishy poker games where players consistently limp/call preflop and simply refuse to fold when facing isolation raises. While most players avoid raising anything other than monsters and instead implement a wide "limp-behind" strategy - SplitSuit offers another option that is often overlooked..........
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..... Larger sizing, coupled with the ability to plan ahead, can do plenty of good things that a "typical raise size" would fail to do in this dynamic.


Concepts include the types of hands to limp-behind with, the kinds of hands to AVOID limping with (hint: J♦5♦), and the kinds of sizes that can break even limp/cally players out of their comfort zone. If you play in weaker games with heaps of preflop action - this conversation is a must!


Thanks again to Francisco for sending this question in. If YOU have an interesting hand or question to discuss, be sure to send it in today at:

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This is unbelievably valuable to people like me who play in things like the WTPT. My uncle and I are small stakes players who a few times a year play bigger events if the bankrolls allow but play a weekly game in that league. When we first started playing he would get so upset that people were calling him regardless of what they had, I'm talking getting sucked out off of 3-5 suited... But we adjusted our play styles and even though you still play the better hand perfectly and the cards have different plans we rarely get angry about it and chalk it up to learning how to play these types of players. Great vid man keep them coming!

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Really good advice thank you! :D

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I've learned a ton from you in about 6 months. I'm finally getting to the final table with a lot of chips instead of being the desperate low stack.

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