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Playing Preflop Poker The RIGHT Way | SplitSuit



Take the free preflop quiz BEFORE watching this video! SplitSuit takes the popular ‘Preflop Poker Quiz’ from Red Chip Poker and shares not only his own answers, but compares them to the average answers shared by other poker players. This video looks at default preflop lines when facing limpers, preflop raises, squeeze opportunities, and looks into refined topics like bet sizing. All of these hands are from live poker $1/$2 and $2/$5, although the concep
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Wow Split... fantastic video! I love the concept and how many people participated in the survey. Please make more similar videos. I've always liked your videos and they are only getting better! By the way, I tend to agree with the majority votes. One thing I find a bit odd is all the people opening from early position with a 5x and 7.5x rather than the standard 2.5x or 3x. I would default fold to these larger sized raises from early position with marginal hands like AT and A3s without specific reads on my opponents, but I'm a proud nit who plays 24/10/3 online. I like your analysis of AJ compared to AT. I hear you about being aggressive, but I find it amazing how often the passive road is often the correct road. I like to play "passive aggressive"... for example, flatting with QQ or AK and then playing favorable flops with aggression. I only 4bet jam AK versus fish I have confident reads on. I'm a fan of folding those pretty middle suited connectors. One dude put it really good... what are you most likely to make with that sort of hand.... a pair... and then you're stuck with a one middle pair hand and obliged to call more streets drawing to 2 pair, etc, just compounding problems and spewing money. I like to fold them out and play the big hands or get in for cheap from the sb or bb. Dump them as well as smaller pairs from the cut off and button because you're fucked if the blinds squeeze. Mind you I've polished my games by logging over 500K Zoom hands just in the past year. Of course I would loosen up in regular or live games.

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nice video ! I'm gonna try this at a loose-passive $1/2 LIVE table on the weekends. every other hand there is 4-5 to the gotta get that dead money.

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