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Letting Go Of Ace King (Correctly?) | SplitSuit



This 50NL hand gets right into the action with hero squeezing with Ace King. After going 3-way to the flop and seeing the turn card fill up the flush draw - hero has some big decisions to make on the turn & river. Hero ends up letting AK go on the end, but was it the right fold? SplitSuit offers some broad strokes advice about these spots to help you protect yourself from being targeted with bluffs...
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Im on a 1-2 with 200. Some guy sits down. I have AK. I raise to 11, theguy who sat down calls. I'm on the button. Flod comes A23. I bet 18, he raises to 36, I call. K on the turn. I check he bets 60. I call. RIver 8. He gos all in. I call. He shows 45. Was there anything I could do there? I don't think so considering I had no info on vilain. NB. no flush were possible although there was a flush draw on the turn.

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Thanks for a very cool hand review. Though Split did say this was in vacuum; hence, we have no data from villain. But in reality, we will have more data to guide. For example: if villain was a known nit, incapable of bluffs, then this should be an EZ river fold. How can a nit have KcQc? Well...preflop, nutcrusher getting 14.5:5 or roughly 2.9:1 to call. So any nit with mediocre math would have to call. Then on flop Hero cbets 1/2 pot, again ez call with KcQc. Also, from my live experience, I RARELY see a nit villain bluffing the turn when Hero opens PF and cbets. Just my observations from live $1/$2 NLHE.

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It's an interesting problem. I understand why you are committed, but the issue is that you got two callers. It guarantees odds for all calls preflop with pairs. calling $5 preflop is likely to guarantee odds in the event of a flopped set because AK can't get out. It just becomes a cooler.

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