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Jamming A Gutshot+Overcard+Nut Flush Draw | SplitSuit



It's been awhile, but we're back reviewing some poker hands! Ralph needs a line check on a hand played at 1c/2c with a 1c ante. UTG opens, Ralph 3bets with AJ on the button, and things take off quickly. After flopping a huge draw (NFD, gutshot, and overcard), Ralph gets aggressive both raising the flop and shoving his draw on the turn.
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I like the raise pre flop. We can narrow down his range a bit (fishy players often open any 2 cards when they feel like it and call 3Bets a bit tighter). On the flop I think the raise is fine I mean are we really gonna win a lot of money if we call and a club comes on the turn ? Maybe from Qc not even 100%sure.. If the turn bricks and the villain shoves we have to fold our equity which sucks :/ I think only on a Q turn its a +EV call on the flop. I dont know I would like to hear some opinions.

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