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What does the perfect preflop range look like? More specifically, what does a perfect UTG open-raising range look like? SplitSuit breaks down Chase's UTG range which is 17.6%. Is this too wide, too tight, or just right? As always, the exact answer depends on the game you are playing, the players at the table, and your edges both preflop and postflop. If your preflop ranges are from a chart you found online a few years ago - be sure to watch this entire video! Concepts include when........
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Comments loosen your opening ranges, when to tighten them, what my default range looks like in a typical live cash game, and the conditions that can instantly double my raising range. Enjoy! Take your play with ACE KING to a new level with SplitSuit's book "Optimizing Ace King" today:

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The hole premise is a trick question. UTG is the key data point. Basically, once your table-mates figure out you are too wide in opening, they will lie in wait with their Monsters and stack you. There's very few things more valuable than playing in position post-flop.

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James I am surprised that you don't mention the qualitative characteristics of a range, but just a %. I mean this guy is opening A9o and he is not opening JTs.

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