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How To Crush POKER SLUMPS | SplitSuit



Poker slumps, downswings, stretches of bad luck...whatever you want to call them...they happen. If you play this game long enough you will encounter many slumps. It's not a "will it happen?" - rather "when is the next one going to happen?" SplitSuit lays out 3 big-picture concepts to help you crush a poker slump. Concepts include over-riding the emotional part of your brain, studying harder between sessions to ensure your strategy doesn't erode, the ONE change you do NOT want to make, and......
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As always, another great video from James. Furthermore about the advice to not be too Nitty. For many players who play micro stakes, don't misunderstand what James is saying. I'm sure he doesn't mean that tightening up, can't be a rational adjustment to make. Often at the micro stakes it can be beneficial to nit it up for an orbit or two, take your time and make sure you're not throwing away money with ridiculous out of position C-Bets and barreling against the regular Nits at the micros. You still sometimes need to be a Nit, when you know you have to be a Nit.

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In my experience, biggest factor that kills profitability during downswings is over-betting your Monsters because of the underlying fear you're gonna get drawn out on. This shuts down big hands that would offset your downswing. I see solid Regs wasting hands like JJ, TT, 99, in order to rake 4-5 BB's. If they'd stay balanced, those hands are gonna pay off big-time at least 20% of the time. But frustration is a beast.

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This is a great video, Thanks...

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