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How Often Will BOTH Players Hit TOP PAIR In Poker? | SplitSuit



How often will two players both flop top pair? What if one has AJ and the other AQ? This video answers that question while also explaining the REAL questions you should be asking yourself in spots like this... SplitSuit pulls out Flop Falcon to show how to set up and answer the question "how often will we both flop TP?" This powerful piece of software shows that AJ vs. AQ will result in both players hitting an Ace on the flop about 9% of the time (and AJ has ~17% equity when that happens).
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If you have AJ, and the flop has an Ace, there is a 100% chance someone limp-called with AK or AQ.

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This is my kind of thing to add to my game. Little number crunching.

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Big fan of your analysis of hands. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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