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How Do TAGs SQUEEZE? | Preflop Strategy & Range Quiz Part 7



Poker math is simple and revolves around these 4 key concepts: Part 7 of this 10-part series looks at ranges, line creation, and how to play KK in a bloated preflop pot. If you have not taken the quiz yet, start here: This video deals with two questions: 1. What range did a TAG squeeze with from the blinds? 2. What should we do when we wake up with KK in the big blind?
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SplitSuit starts by building the squeezing range of the TAG in the SB. First, we begin by estimating the range width of this squeeze, and then we work to deduce shape (polarized vs. depolarized) and fillers. These are essential building blocks for building 3betting, squeezing, 4betting, etc. ranges preflop... Next, Split shares what other players said they would do with KK here. While most everyone wanted to 4bet (90% of answers), there was some debate about 4betting to a "normal size" and 4bet shoving. A conversation about balancing, removing options, and fold equity ultimately ensues.



Dissecting preflop 3bet ranges

Can I fold KK preflop?

Learn all the poker math you need to know

The pie chart poker range model

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Just another small point to what Split already talked about regarding calling. Apart from having face cards up, it also kind of gives the LAG and the two callers decent pod odds (3-1) or so, meaning they might call and the pot might go multi way, and having pocket pair multi way is not a great feeling. By 4 betting we also easily pickup all the dead money already from the callers in the pot and who doesnt love that!

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I think TAG is actually a fairly broad term which makes it a bit difficult to assign a percentage of hands here

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You don't recommend a "gto" approach to playing live. But this video was very "GTO". Thumbs up.

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