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Hitting Your Target SPR With AA - Is It Even Possible?



Monster starting hands like AA and KK are the absolute easiest to play when the SPR is small. But what if hitting that small target SPR isn't happening? Are there strategic changes we can make preflop or postflop that will make these pots easier? SplitSuit answers a question from Ron related to handling big pocket pairs when it's just not likely that the SPR will shrink fast enough. This is especially common in single-raised pots in cash games with 100bb+ depth. The simple target SPR for a ....
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The issue is with multiway pots, where SPR is small, but somebody hit something bigger than you almost certainly. For example, let's say you are in a live 1/3 NL game with all players at about 100 BB nine handed. Hero has the button with AA. All players limp in all the way around to Hero, who raises to $30. There are 5 callers and the flop is J 9 4. SPR here is LESS THAN 2! However, any real aggression into you likely has you you beat. It is probably a good play and profitable to call an all in though. You could be against straight draws, flush draws, or overplayed top pairs, but you could also be up against a set or two pair, where you have reduced equity. Basically, you can call the all in, but expect to lose a lot. You will feel like you lose AA and a lot of money on it from the high variance, but the call is still profitable. The biggest problem though is that everybody else had the odds to make the call ($27) to win 10x if they hit a set....

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Thanks for your videos, been really helpfull in improving my skill :)

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