Handling A Limper With KT | Preflop Strategy & Range Quiz Part 3



Listen to this podcast episode and wrap your head around the art & science of crushing limpers: https://redchippoker.com/attacking-limpers-podcast/ Part 3 of this 10-part series analyzes SplitSuit's Preflop quiz, testing your hand reading and line creation skills. If you have not taken the quiz yet, start here: https://www.splitsuit.com/preflop-range-quiz/ This video deals with 2 questions: 1. What range a passive-fish open-limps with? 2. Should we raise, next to act, with KTo?
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SplitSuit dissects the average range that players thought the p-fish would open-limp with, coming in around 35%. After explaining why this range is likely a little too wide as a default range, and why something closer to 25% is likely more correct - a full conversation about the value of raising with KT ensues. Split explains why limping behind is less than ideal (especially with a LAG left to act), why having position & skill edges is so important, and why isolating almost certainly results in a higher expectation.



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How to use blockers (when squeezing)

How to build an open-raising range

What is SPR & how is it useful


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