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Going ALL-IN Preflop In Poker (The EV Of Shoving AIPF) | SplitSuit



Every preflop all-in at the poker table can be solved with simple math. In real-time you aren't able to use software and calculators, but with enough off-table practice, you can begin to estimate the EV of your shoves & jams with more accuracy. This video reviews two AIPF (all-in preflop) situations presented in the Preflop & Math Workbook. Both spots analyze a hand with Ace King (AKo), one where villain folds half the time against your all-in and another where villain folds 91% of the time....
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All these calculation is not really helpful live games, should teach shortcuts. It is only helpful to learn how to get to exact EV to study but how would you calculate this live?

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This is a great video!!

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