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Flat Or 4Bet With Pocket Queens? | Preflop Strategy & Range Quiz Part 2



This video deals with 2 questions: 1. What range did a LAG squeeze with from the big blind? 2. Is calling or 4betting the better option with QQ? SplitSuit breaks down the average range that players assigned here (coming in around 19% of hands), and explains why this range might actually be a bit too wide. Yes, aggressive players do 3bet wider than tighter players - but strong aggressive players keep position and WHO their opponents are in mind BEFORE pulling the trigger. After building ranges,
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Check out this guide to get a firm understanding of 3bet ranges and the process of building them properly: download


Part 2 of this 10-part series breaks down SplitSuit's Preflop quiz, testing your ability to craft ranges and choose lines based upon those answers. If you have not taken the quiz yet, start here



Download the free squeeze tool to explore the math behind squeezing hands like Ace-x suited

How to use blockers (when squeezing)

How to build an open-raising range

What is SPR & how is it useful


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