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Down Bets (Small Flop Cbets & Big Turn Bets) | SplitSuit



Small flop continuation bets are all the rage, but is this a fad or a solid strategy? SplitSuit breaks down these "down bets" and explains how the #GTO​ solvers feel about them, what kind of players they work well against, and how to start protecting yourself against them. *THE MENTIONED WORKBOOK*
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Thanks for this! I've been seeing this play a lot lately, especially live. I always call if I have decent outs, and I feel like a sucker when the turn bricks and I get pushed off. But I likely would have called a half pot or 3/4 pot, so I got of cheap. I seriously think folding too much is a bigger leak for a lot of players trying to get out of being a beginner fish.

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My understanding of the strategy - the small c-bet allows you to profitably bluff on a wide-range of boards which your opponent is unlikely to have hit. If they are on some kind of draw, then turns that favour you warrant a large turn bet in order foldout their equity when bluffing, and maximising value when not. But you can't just do this on ALL board textures.

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What kind of flops should i be downbetting? What kind of turns should I be betting heavy as a follow up?

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