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Do I BALANCE In Poker? Should You? | SplitSuit



What the heck is balance in poker? Should you be balanced? Are your opponents using balanced ranges? Why all of this focus on balancing over the last few years? SplitSuit breaks down the concept of balance using the classic river shove situation, and explains when/where he's balanced - and just as importantly - when he is not. The answer may come as a shock, but as you follow the logic downstream, you begin to see why very quickly.
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Pair this conversation with the 4 types of exploitation video to see how these are 2 sides of the same coin. While they may seem like polar opposite concepts, they are 100% intertwined: 4-types-of-exploitation-in-poker-or-splitsuit


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What Does 2:1 Mean?

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I understand about balancing your range but how do you actually do it in practice/real world? Do you keep notes on the percentage of time you check raise bluff the flop compared to when you value bet it,like how can you really know you’re balanced apart from guessing.

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Seems he just settled down the gto vs expoitive strategy debate in a 10 minute video good job!

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Another factor is people recognizing your frequencies, if you are not going to a lot of showdowns and you're playing a 5-6 hr session w/ people you never played with, it will be difficult for them to understand your frequencies and exploit you , without showdowns … table image will determine how they play against you until they realize what you're doing

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