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Did Durrrr Spew on High Stakes Poker?!



Tom Dwan, aka #Durrrr​, finds himself in an odd spot with JJ on the new season of High Stakes Poker. Dwan puts in almost $71,000 with one pair, but was it spew against a recreational player? James and Chris break this spot down, pull out the GTO solver, and explain what's going on in this hand. Concepts include why Durrrr's hand has awful blocker value, why the river bet size leaves a ton of money on the table, and how a small change in cbet sizing can impact the final pot size.
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Durr is for sure no GTO player , he plays on his wild image and try to maximise his EV whenever he can. Schwimmer has been doing some bold moves against Dwan if I am not mistaken. I think there had to be some kind of metagame between those two.

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So on the river you wouldn't check raise bluff with JsJh because you block spade draws and QJ J8 combos but you beat those hands and you are not targetting them anyway. seems like a bluff on river would be more exploitative targeting the small sizing that might be a rivered A (As 5s) as mentioned by James.

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I just think you surely have to bet the flop. You have the best hand so often

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