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Pocket Jacks can feel impossible to play. Even with an overpair to the board, it's tricky to decide if we should bet or check when the river improves the obvious flush draw. SplitSuit analyzes this 5NL PokerStars Zoom hand where Alex raises a donk bet, barrels the turn, and opts to check behind when the flush comes in. The major discussion points are: 1. When to, and when not to, raise the flop donk bet 2. Why a bigger turn bet is mandatory 3. Which players we need to bet the river against
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Just fold the jacks on the flop, 4 way and you are first to act behind the aggressor and if raised behind you generally have to fold or play a guessing game which you are usually behind. Almost any turn and river card is bad if not raised. Flop is either a large large raise committing yourself, or fold, and I would lean towards folding...

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I personally downgraded pocket Jacks for myself because they never seem to play out how I plan. Bet strong preflop and an ace or king always seems to flop. Play passively and it ends up like a hand in the video. Flop a set and can't get any callers so don't get paid. JJ just doesn't like me.

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Calling is a negative equity play and raising 3X is even worse. You could minimize your equity loss by potting a raise but that's about it.

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