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Ace King Played Slow (Then Fast) | SplitSuit



Do you have your own poker hand or question that you need an answer to? Ask it here!​ Firo sent in an interesting hand played with AK. Facing a min-raise by a fishy player and a 3bet from UTG+1, Firo decides to just call the 3bet. The flop is Ace-high and monotone and somehow goes check/check/check - which creates a bizarre line on the turn. SplitSuit jumps in to help with the preflop range assumption, explains why the flop check is a REALLY bad idea, and shows why
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Do you have your own poker hand or question that you need an answer to? Ask it here!

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I'm impressed with how Hugo played this hand overall. The only mistake you could argue he made at any point was bet-sizing on the turn - perhaps a little too big to draw anything but top pair hands in - but all his actions were very solid (preflop 3 bet, flop check to trap with the nuts, turn bet after it checked through on the flop). Neither hero nor Maria played anywhere close to that good, and hero ended up getting belted for it. The deciding factor here certainly seemed to be the flop non-bet by hero - a bet there could've been very informative if Hugo decided to check-raise his monster, and hero could've possibly escaped with most of his stack.

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Analysis is spot on

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I think there's information in Hugo's flop check here. Getting an idea of his PF 3bet range is important - does it include AQs or AQo? AJs? KQs? TT/99? (I was surprised to see KJ). When the flop comes down with an Ace (and before he acts, there is combo information. Hugo has 1 combo of AA, 3 of KK, 6 of QQ, 6 of JJ, 3 of TT, 6 of AK, 8 of AQ, 2 of AJs, 3 of KQs. We're beating a lot of that range. But then Hugo checks. On a board with three spades, facing two opponents one already checked to and with on left to act, he would be mad to check a set of AA or TT, or indeed top pair. From his point of view, UTG fish could easily have a spade, you could have QQ-TT with a spade, and if you have AK or AQ you'll call his bet so why wouldn't he bet? I also think you need to ignore the chances of his having a made flush - the only made flushes he has are KQ or at a push KJ. The check, to me, indicates weakness on a A-high board - maybe he's got KK-JJ, maybe KQ (not spades). With a made hand he would be terrified of you checking back. Hero's flop check is clearly madness for the same reason. If you're facing a monster you'll know soon enough. I'm not sure that the big turn bet indicates a monster because Hero showed so much weakness on the flop that he probably thinks that you have nothing - maybe he's decided that his KK is good? But I just can't see AA or TT. The slow-played nut flush is of course a possibility as well now. KsQs or the less likely KsJs would do this, but I'd say KK-JJ, or (less likely) a random bluff with KQs (diamonds or clubs) are far more likely here.

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