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A Bad Plan With A Bad Hand | SplitSuit



Not 100% sure what SPR is? Start here: In a live $1/$2 cash game, Alex has 96s in the blinds. There is a limper, a small isolation raise, and then multiple callers. Alex elects to call and action goes 5-way to the flop. SplitSuit jumps in and offers advice on the preflop call, planning for a proper SPR, and both range and line work going postflop. The major concepts in this hand include preflop planning,.......
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....... understanding when CBs are likely strong vs. weak, and when leading the river is better (or worse) than checking to induce. Even if you wouldn't play this hand preflop, the postflop discussion is vital! Want in-depth lessons on all of these concepts (and many others)? Enroll in CORE and get a university-level poker education so that you can master hands like this:

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Many players dont understand, just how little you should get involved from the blinds, when the pot is opened for such a large size. Position matter, and the whole reason to get involved from the blinds with anything other than the absolute premiums, is the discount, you get.

Which is fantastic in a modern tournament, where many players min-open or open to 2,25 X, and there are antes to fight for in addition to the blinds. So in that situation you should defend a lot and just learn to play postflop out of position. But with a 7 X open in a game with no antes, you are getting involved with positional disadvantage without any sort of meaningfull discount to counter it.

Sure in a fishy game like this you want to get involved a bit more liberally, than you would against good players. But you want to get involved with position, not out of position. And you also want to get involved with some sort of card strength, not with something as bad as 96 suited.

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Great video. I was happy to see someone thinking differently about this pre-flop spot. I see it in cash games all the time and I know the conventional thinking is you are getting the odds with all these players in the pot, but I can't help thinking that all sorts of flush draws and single pair hands will end up getting you crushed when you go to the flop against multiple players.

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Thank you for the educational analysis =)

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