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Can I Cut The Nails



His name is Steemit

An S with a T

A T with an E

An E with sister E

Sister E with an M

An M with an I 

And an I with a T

And his name was Steemit!


His paw nails were long

We're they dirty?

I did gaze on them

And decided to trim them so

"Stop!" Said Loy

For what will he use to dig

And with what hold it's pretty.

And his paws were dirty and long 


Will nail polish do?

As many do groom nails

Or glue more length

And decorate them so.

"No!" Shouted Loy

For it is only a dog.

No polish will do

For old pal Steemit.


It was with finality

So I let Steemit go

His nails remained so

Quite long and dirty

If you say such a dog

It might be Steemit

Just to cry it loud.



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