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TRICKY SPOT on a $10k GGPoker FINAL Table



As we wait for the world to return to normal, the online poker streets are hotter than ever. GGPoker are running weekly $10,300 events and I’ve decided to cover one of the most interesting hands from each final table. Bruno Volkmann, who is an online crusher, is well aware of this going into this hand. One player has 5bb so it would be an ICM disaster to miss out on an almost guaranteed pay jump. When he makes his straight on the river, can he find a fold?
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Check and pray there is no river bet.

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Definite check. You have decent showdown value with 2nd pair and getting check/raised here would be a disaster

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Man that was a crazy fold given that action (but you also you have to fold the idiot end sometimes) - Yes the other guy is incentivized to bluff but after bruno calls the check raise on the turn his range does narrow a bit so beast bluff would have to work more often...if his bluff doesn't work he's going to be a middle stack like everyone else so some risk on his bluff.

Bruno betting the turn is a lil wierd (I'm probably checking the turn, suspect of beast check but probably had a reason to deny beast some equity/get value from draws ...but yeah does not want to get raised and is a risky bet! On the River Bruno making the fold gets to stay in the tourney and stay midstacked (theres a lot of midstacks) IF he makes the call and it's a bluff he gets to be chipleader by a reasonable margin but if he's wrong he's OUT of the game and gives all the other midstacks free equity.

It's an interesting hand - we don't know the table dynamics here and how beast was playing but Bruno has a High risk premium for calling but also High benefits if hes right. Tough riverspot.

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