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Top 2-Pair in a MISERABLE Multi-way Spot



I flop top two pair in the WSOP Main Event in a multi-way pot and face a lot of aggression. Do you make the big fold or do you find a way to get all-in? POKER COACHING: To take your game to the next level - JOIN FOR FREE HERE:
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Which is why you should just fold this pre in the SB multi-way in the wsop main event Not results oriented - as you can see even smashing the flop leads to a forced fold and since you will whiff 70% of the time and smash it 5% of the time it’s a trivial fold That’s why playing tightest from the SB is taught (in fact, by the author of this video numerous times in the past) In order to hit the flop with JT the board has to be wet by definition - and unless you hit a rainbow straight or a straight flush you won’t have the super nuts and the reverse implied odds are severe enough to possibly cost you the whole WSOP main tournament in one early level hand

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