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In this poker hand, we are throwing it back to 2012 where Tony G faces off against the never ageing Patrik Antonius. ⁣ ⁣ Antonius manages to find a check with the effective nuts, setting the bait three times for Tony G which he gladly takes and finds a bet on the river. Antonius puts in a huge check raise but can Tony find the call with his marginal hand? ⁣ ⁣ Either way, you know Tony G is steaming when he faces this kind of aggression! ⁣
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I think this might depend on my table image/dynamic with opponent. In general though, I think the correct move is just to bet 17k here, then plan to blast it on the river if you get a caller.

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Bet 2/3 pot.. knowing I am all in on a raise.

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I think I would over bet. Making Tony think I was buying the pot which could in turn possibly induce an all in from him. I think the goal is getting all his chips with the nuts.

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