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INSANE fold in a CASH game??



We are back at bestbet Jacksonville in a live No Limit Texas Holdem cash game where a player makes an INSANE fold on the turn. Hats off to Kristen for finding a fold here with QQ as it can be really tricky to give up in situations like this but she showed some great discipline to make the correct lay down. To take your game to the next level, JOIN FOR FREE HERE:
196.352 SEREY
5 votes


She folded AQ. What is the big deal about that?

123.963 SEREY
6 votes

Bet 150 on the flop and jam any non-ace turn

103.289 SEREY
5 votes

What a strange play. I like what kevin do postflop although i would 5bet preflop as he is oop

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4 votes