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Folding the River with a Strong Hand



Some players essentially never bluff. When they bet all three streets, unless you have an incredibly premium made hand, you should fold. You simply must learn to fold your normally-strong bluff catchers against people who never bluff if you want to succeed at poker. POKER COACHING: has grown and now offers top-level coaching from myself, Jonathan Jaffe, Matt Affleck...... To take your game to the next level, JOIN HERE:
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I think it`s a bad fold. People overvalue overpairs a lot in small stakes

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One of the examples where hero outlevels himself by folding. First of all, the villain river bet is pretty small, secodnly, he could have had AT+ type of hands with A of spades, also you really underestimate 1/3 players :) sometimes they do barrell 3 streets :) two pair is too strong - he might just think his AQ KK or AA are winning

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