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CRUSHING Poker & Life with Phil HELLMUTH!



Phil Hellmuth is known by everyone in the poker world. He has amassed an incredible $24,217,333 in live tournament earnings and has the most WSOP bracelets sitting on an impressive 15 of them. In this exclusive interview we will be looking at exactly how Hellmuth crushes in poker & life as he has become an angel investor in many companies. Do you have any questions you wanted answered by Hellmuth? Tune in to the live stream and ask in the chat!
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Pretty impressed w PH after this interview, he obv has narcissistic traits but it is pretty clear he doesn’t have a narcissistic personality disorder. He is grandiose and arrogant but the fact he can admit that he seeks attention because he has low self esteem because of his upbringing, this self reflection and sincerity means he is definitely not disordered. Also, People feel good around Phil in social settings away from the table, with disordered narcissists people feel uncomfortable and that something isn’t right.

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Guys definitely top of his game.

His attitude is why he gets consistent results.

Good interview JL thank you.

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