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BLUFF or VALUE? Do YOU know?



Weekly Poker Hand #329​: In this weeks live No Limit Texas Holdem cash game from bestbet Jacksonville, we see a river bet that I couldn’t quite figure out whether it was a bluff or for value?! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, do you know which one it was? Make sure when you are betting you know yourself exactly what you are trying to represent and also what you are expecting your opponent’s to do with their range.
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He obviously wasnt bluffing there was only like 50 dollars in the side pot i swear, stupid fish. And the fact she doesn't jam all in on the river jesus christ so bad.

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That was probably the worst scare card for him on river. He was Bluffing he checked the turn On a 5. I seen A lot of players Dont know what to do on River And Just Bet Big trying take the pot down.

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