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Big BLUFF in a $10,000 Tournament! Would YOU pull the TRIGGER?



In this week’s online poker hand I look at a very common spot - BTN vs BB. We are at the final table of the week's $10,300 Super Million$ Online event at GGPoker with three players left battling for a first place prize of $586,075! ILUCKuHARD has some interesting decision points throughout this hand which I analyze in depth with regard to what he should be considering when deciding whether to bluff. Would you have pulled the trigger?
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Is JT with a club a good hand to lead the river for a value in the same way QT with a club is a good bluff?

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Small raise!!!

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Really easy call here keep the pot small on turn and call any bet on river provided no club or let it go check check on river and win the pot most of the time

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