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I’m back for another analysis from the GGPoker Super Million$ $10,000 weekly online event which has been part of their Spring Festival for the past few weeks. With over $650,000 for first place the chip leader Markus Leikkonen uses his stack to apply pressure to a shorter stack and manages to find a shove with just seven high. What do you think of Leikkonen’s play? Are you aggressive enough when it comes to the final table?
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FJ being WAY too nice to Jeppsson... it's really REALLY REALLY bad in this spot to bleed chips by getting into an e-peen contest with the big stack, and KTo is not the weapon you want to be holding in your hand when you DO get into that sort of contest.

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All in of course =)

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I agree you bet bigger c-bet there. At least half-pot but closer to 3/4 pot. Jeppsson probably takes it down right there.

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